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Living Legacies: Active Ageing in Staffordshire

Staffordshire County Council is thrilled to unveil “Living Legacies: Active Ageing in Staffordshire” – A Celebration of Our Senior Community’s Vibrant Stories told through a dynamic pop-up exhibition project that honours the invaluable contributions of our older residents.

  • This initiative seeks to challenge and reshape the prevailing stigmas associated with ageing.
  • The exhibition is aimed at all members of the public in Staffordshire, and it will visit various community venues, starting with libraries in all eight district during Autumn 2023,  Dates coming here soon.
  • But in order for it to work, we are asking for our partners, community stakeholders and individuals like you to suggest stories we can tell and include in the exhibition or supporting project brochure and website.
  • So if you know someone who’s story we should tell, please use this simple form below to begin the process.  One of our communications team here at Staffordshire County Council will then follow up.  
  • No story will be told of anyone who does not wish it to be used or told.
Living Legacies Exhibition

Submit a suggestion for Living Legacy story

Please first ask the person if they are happy for their story to be told, and then complete the simple form below.  The story will only be seen by County Council staff at this stage. 

If we then want to include your story in the Living Legacies project, we will get in touch to explain the next steps.

Submit a ‘Living Legacy’ story suggestion

This story will only be seen and processed by Staffordshire County Council staff. it will not be shared. The details will not be stored for longer than is needed.

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