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Take time to connect

Connecting face to face with other people will improve the way you feel every day!

Find Local Connections

In Staffordshire, we have an amazing online platform called ‘Staffordshire Connects’. It is our online data base of organisations, groups and activities available across Staffordshire.

Find A Community Help Point

We have 24 ‘Community Help Points’ in Libraries and other voluntary sector organisations across Staffordshire. They will help you find local activities and groups to connect with. 

Men in a Support Group

Easy ways to connect

  • Organise regular catch-ups with a friend.
  • Have dinner with your family.
  • Phone or email a friend who you don’t see often.
  • Spend time with pets and animals.
  • Engage more with others by smiling and catching their eye.
  • Read stories to your children, or ask them to read one to you.
  • Invite a friend for a ‘walk and talk’.

You can find more ideas on how to connect by visiting: Five Ways To Wellbeing Official Website