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What is Doing Our Bit all about?

The purpose of the Doing Our Bit website is to inspire and empower people in Staffordshire to do one small thing to help themselves and each other

Why are we doing it?

The Doing Our Bit initiative has been developed by Staffordshire County Council with partner organisations to share ideas about how to make Staffordshire an even better place to live and work. 

With far less money coming from government to local councils each year, the council can no longer do everything it once did.  Despite this, the council will always prioritise its legal duties.

The aim of the initiative is to show residents how to make a difference in the local community by doing just one more thing for themselves and those around them. 

What people are pledging to do!

You could change someone’s life just by saying hello, or by keeping healthy or even recycling your waste correctly.

People are pledging as a promise to themselves and their community to make a difference just by one small thing.  

Here’s some ideas of what you can do.

How you can do your bit

Home Time!
Give someone a hand

Small actions can make a big difference. Anything from cutting the grass verge, to helping an elderly neighbour with a task.

Take Action

Look after your health and wellbeing

We can all live a healthier, more independent, and better connected life with help from our families and communities.

Take Action

Volunteering in a Soup Kitchen
Watering The Plants
Keep Staffordshire clean, green and safe

We can all do our bit to beat climate change, be greener and reduce our impact on the environment.

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