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Drive Sustainably

Did you know that 40% of carbon emissions in Staffordshire come from transport? 

Pollution from vehicles is the biggest source of air pollution in the UK. 

We can all do really simple things to reduce how much pollution we create when driving.

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Tips to drive greener

  • Prevent idling your car – Running the car for two minutes burns the same amount of fuel as driving for a mile. Turn your engine off when waiting in traffic, de-icing your car or sitting in a car park. This can cut pollution by 30%. 
  •  Check your tyre pressure – Check pressure before a long journey. Pumped up tyres help your car to run more efficiently. 
  • Reduce the use of air conditioning/heating   – On hot days, try opening the windows instead. On cold days, wrap up warm before a long journey.

  • Only break when it is really necessary – This doesn’t mean to avoid breaking. It just means a change in your driving style. Braking and accelerating burn more fuel.  Driving more slowly and anticipating what is ahead will help to reduce the need for sudden breaking.
  • Get an electric vehicle – A new car is a big investment, but when you next buy a car, think electric. They produce less CO₂ emissions than petrol or diesel powered vehicles.

Are you a business or charity?

As a business in Staffordshire, it is important to think about the amount of pollution you contribute.  Make your company an ‘anti-idling’ business today!


Becoming an ‘anti-idling business’ is good for the environment and be good for your bottom line by reducing fuel costs.  Did you know that between 5% – 8% of fuel is used while idling a vehicle?

By becoming an anti-idling zone you can cut down on the amount of pollution produced into the atmosphere resulting in cleaner air to breathe.

Sign up today and get your anti-idling site kit.

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