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Recycling is a really easy way for you to do your bit to help make Staffordshire sustainable.  

Staffordshire provides lots of ways for you to recycle. You can use your recycling bin at home, visit one of our 14 Household Waste Recycling Centres and even get into composting. 

“88% of UK households consider recycling to be part of  their normal routine.”

Tips for recycling at home

1. Rinse your recyclables – Wash residue and food out of tins, bottles and tubs. Food and other substances contaminate recycling. If your bin has too many contaminated items, the whole load will be ruined and cannot be recycled. 

2.  Check local recycling guidelines – Each area has it’s own slightly different rules when it comes to recycling, so check your local council’s website to make sure you are recycling correctly.

3. Don’t wishcycle – Wishcycling is the act of tossing items into the recycling bin, even if you aren’t sure if they are recyclable. Unfortunately, this is another thing that results in contamination.  If you aren’t sure if you can recycle it, check online. If you can’t find the answer, throw it in the general waste bin.

Visit a local recycling centre

Did you know that we have fourteen Household Waste Recycling Centres  spread across Staffordshire?

The sites have 1.5 million visitors each year and recycle more than 45,000 tonnes of waste – the same weight as the titanic!

You can recycle more than 42 different materials at the sites including wood, paint, hard plastic, garden waste, cardboard, rubble, oil, scrap metal, carpets, electrical items and more.

Find your local recycling centre


Get into composting

Composting is a great way to recycle your old food scraps into a free nutrient rich food for your garden which can be used on the vegetable garden, flower beds or placed around trees to improve soil structure and nutrient content.

It’s easy to do and is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and waste – and it’s fun!

If you live in Staffordshire, you can get a discounted compost bin.

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