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The benefits of being active are well known, however many continue to choose to drive rather than walk or cycle even on shorter journeys. 

Did you know 25% of journeys are under 1 mile and 72% are under 5 miles? These journeys could easily be made on foot, by bicycle, scooter, or similar means of travel. Just 10 minutes of walking, cycling or scooting goes a long way towards keeping you healthy. It gets your blood pumping, reduces stress levels and your risk of heart disease. 

Choosing to swap a car journey for an active means of travel also helps protect the planet and improve local air quality by reducing gas and particulate pollution. 

Home Time!

Easy ways to get active!

  • Try walking short journeys – When buying smaller quantities of goods, take a walk to the local shops. Reducing even just one journey a week will reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Walk to school – Everyday you can get your steps in by walking children to and from school.  
  • Get a bike to travel quickly – Biking to destinations, especially in towns, makes your active journey a lot quicker than driving. 
  • Get a jog on – You can get your dose of daily exercise by jogging to the shops or work  

Learn to ride a bike

The Bikeability scheme helps people of all ages to ride a bike safely. Find out more information on cycle training.

Senior man on his mountain bike outdoors

Traveling to school

Teachers tell us that pupils who travel actively to school will arrive brighter and ready for learning. Find tips to travel safely. 

Time for School!