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Staying Active

Staying active is important for good health at all ages and life stages. It helps to keep your mind and body working well. 

Staying active can be very enjoyable! You don’t need to spend hours in the gym. You can find physical activity that you enjoy and is easy to do every day. Get started today!

Being active doesn’t need to cost anything. Walking is a great way to be more active, and it is free. Check out some local walking routes

There are also lots of free or low cost local activities and sessions available across Staffordshire to help you get active. Search on Staffordshire Connects or visit Active My Way and search for local activities using their Activity Finder.

Easy ways to stay active

  • Go for a walk or run.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Dance.
  • Try gardening. – Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or just picking up the twigs that have fallen.
  • Walk the dog! Taking ‘Max’ the Dog for a walk. It is beneficial not just for you, but for your pet too!
  • Swim: visit your local public swimming pool or Council Leisure Centre.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift where possible.
Man Enjoying Walking His Dog

Apps To Help You Get Active

Check out Free Apps such as ‘Active 10’ that and ‘Couch to 5K’ that will help you to move more. 

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Couch to 5K app

More than 4 million people have used Couch to 5K to start running.

Active 10 app

Track and build up your daily walks – pop your phone in your pocket and off you go!