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Support #DoingOurBit

#DoingOurBit is important for everybody.

You can:

  • Use the digital marketing materials available to download below on your emails or social media.
  • Pledge to do a small thing yourself and upload a picture of what you’ve done to social media using #DoingOurBit.
  • Use the templates below to suggest small things that people could do to help and share them on social media using #DoingOurBit.
  • Share or retweet our social media content from @StaffordshireCC (Twitter) and @yourstaffordshire (Facebook) and staffordshirecountycouncil (Instagram).
  • Include information in your social media feeds or newsletters.
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If we all work differently together, Staffordshire will keep getting better.

Whilst the county council prioritises its legal duties and cares for the most vulnerable people in our communities, residents can make a difference by doing just one more thing for themselves and those around them.

People can live healthier, not just longer lives. Children can grow up safe and well at home, ready to make the most of their education, and we’ll all benefit from living in a clean, green and safe area.

It also feels good to help.

So #DoingOurBit is for everyone.

As a supporter of the campaign, please feel free to use the hashtag #DoingOurBit to highlight people doing small things that make a difference.

Thank you. Small things really do make a big difference.