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To beat loneliness

Loneliness can happen to anyone at any age, and many of us feel lonely from time to time

Studies show that loneliness can have the physical impact of smoking 15 cigarettes a day, leading to higher risk of such illnesses as heart diseases and dementia, as well as not being able to perform everyday tasks such as driving, paying bills and household tasks.

Take action for others

Loneliness in your community

Sometimes it can be hard for people to recognise they are feeling lonely, so keep an eye out if someone you know has changed their routines, are avoiding social situations or are getting stuck on the negatives.

Some small steps you can help them with:

  • Just say hello – it could change their day
  • Help them to connect to others, through community groups or through befriending groups on the Staffordshire Connects website for individuals or the Family Hub groups on Facebook or Community Hubs
Smiling woman using headphones during online webinar or video call
Businessman using laptop computer in the office

Take action for you

Get volunteering

If you’re interested in doing good things to support your mental wellbeing and support the community, you can volunteer in many different ways.  You can browse many different opportunities on the Support Staffordshire website.

5 ways to your mental wellbeing

We’re encouraged to eat at least give pieces of fruit and veg a day to take care of our physical health, but taking care of our mental health is just as important. Find out about your Your 5 ways Wellbeing – 5 ways you can introduce activities into your every day that support your mental health, including doing good things for the community.