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Communities Survey Partner Pack

New Year, New Opportunities: Help Shape Staffordshire’s Future!

Happy New Year! As we embark on 2024, it’s a pivotal time for our Staffordshire communities. We’re in the final stretch of our community consultation, closing on 29 February 2024, and your influence is key.

Our Shared Vision: Our aim to build an innovative, ambitious, and sustainable Staffordshire is more relevant than ever. Your role in this vision is crucial, as your actions directly impact our communities.

Below are a variety of ways you can help and be part of this project.  Along with a variety of resources to help you reach and engage with your networks and communities.

We appreciate your continued support and dedication to engaging and listening to our communities. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of impactful community involvement!

Thank you and best regards,

The Communities Engagement Team (

Staffordshire County Council


Your role…

We need your help in maximizing our residents survey reach through your networks. Please continue to share our survey and content via your social media and internal channels using #OurStaffordshireCommunities.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn: Extend our reach by resharing posts.
  • Internal Communications: Utilise the provided ready-made content below to inform and engage your staff and volunteers.

Partner survey.

Your own feedback as a partner is invaluable. 

Please complete and share our partner survey to help us understand your impact on local communities..


Create engaging content

Keep inspiring your audience by creating your own content that resonates with our community strategy. 
Remember to use #OurStaffordshireCommunities and tag us!


Win a family ticket

Remind your networks about the chance to win a family ticket to Trentham Gardens by participating in the survey.


Promotional Resources

Resources for you below include pre-written promotional copy for use in your newsletters, websites and social media, and a selection of pre-made graphics and creative elements, posters and signs.  All are fine for you to use.  If you need anything more specific, then let us know

Promotional Copy – Updated February 2024

Title: Have Your Say in Shaping Staffordshire’s Future!

As we step into the new year, you can help shape the future of our Staffordshire communities. Staffordshire County Council invites you to take part in a crucial conversation that will guide the development of our new Communities Strategy.

Why Your Voice Matters: Your insights and experiences are essential in creating a vibrant, connected, and resilient Staffordshire. By sharing your thoughts about community life and involvement, you help us understand what truly matters to our residents.

Take the Survey: Spare just 10 minutes to complete our survey and contribute to Staffordshire’s tomorrow. Plus, you could win a family day pass to Trentham Gardens!

Share Your Story: Got a story of community spirit or support? We’d love to hear it. Your stories inspire us and others to keep doing our bit for our communities.

Act Now: The survey is open until 29 February 2024. Visit Let’s Talk Staffordshire to participate.

Your participation is vital in shaping a community-focused Staffordshire. Let’s make 2024 a year of positive change and community spirit!


In all cases the URL to send people to is

Note: This content is a suggestion and can be customised to better fit your audience and communication channels.

Social Media Posts to use – February 2024

Here are five suggested social media posts to use across your platforms.

These posts are designed to be engaging and informative, encouraging participation in the survey and community strategy development. Please adapt these to suit your specific organisation, audience, and platforms.

In all cases the URL to send people to is

  1. Twitter: “New Year, New Goals! Help shape #OurStaffordshireCommunities by taking a short survey. Your voice matters in making Staffordshire vibrant and inclusive. Participate now!  [Survey Link] #Staffordshire #CommunityVoice”
  2. Facebook: “As we welcome 2024, let’s make our voices heard in shaping Staffordshire’s future.  Take a moment to fill out this important survey and contribute to our community strategy. Plus, you could win a family day out at Trentham Gardens!  [Survey Link] #OurStaffordshireCommunities”
  3. Instagram: “Let’s start the year by making a difference!  Share your ideas and stories about our community and be a part of Staffordshire’s growth. Don’t miss the chance to win a family day pass to Trentham Gardens! Take the survey [Survey Link] #OurStaffordshireCommunities”
  4. LinkedIn: “Professional community of Staffordshire, your insights can drive change! Join the county council’s initiative to develop a robust Communities Strategy. Your feedback is crucial. Participate in our survey here: [Survey Link] #OurStaffordshireCommunities
  5. General Use (for any platform): “This is our chance to shape the future of Staffordshire! Take part in our community survey and let’s work together to create a sustainable and innovative county. Your input is valuable! Complete the survey here: [Survey Link] #OurStaffordshireCommunities

In all cases the URL to send people to is

Note: This content is a suggestion and can be customised to better fit your audience and communication channels.

Promotional Photos, Graphics, Animations and Posters

Resources for you below include a range of premade graphics, photos and posters.  All are fine for you to use.  If you need anything more specific, then let us know




Additional Resources


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