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Travel more sustainably

Tips for sustainable travel  

  • Think twice before traveling – Is the journey necessary?

  • Share rides with others – Look into carpool or ridesharing schemes.

  • Use public transport whenever possible.

  • Walk, cycle, or use non-motorized scooters for short trips.

  • Choose eco-friendly vehicles like Electric Vehicles or hybrids.

Happy couple walking the dog on a sunny autumn day
Commuting Through The Town

Try Active Travel 

The benefits of being active are well known, however many continue to choose to drive rather than walk or cycle even on shorter journeys.  

Choosing to swap a car journey for an active means of travel also helps protect the planet, improve your health and improve local air quality by reducing gas and particulate pollution. 

Portrait of cheerful muslim spouses sitting in car and smiling at camera

Drive more sustainably 

Did you know that 40% of carbon emissions in Staffordshire come from transport? 

Pollution from vehicles is the biggest source of air pollution in the UK. 

We can all do really simple things to reduce how much pollution we create when driving.