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Talk Suicide

What one thing can do you to help reduce suicide in Staffordshire?

Simply talking and listening to someone who feels they can’t go on can be life saving.  Just talk to them and understand that they’re in a dark place, but try and help them see the positives.

And remember, talking about suicide doesn’t make it more likely to happen.    But it’s hard to know what to say sometimes.  But don’t ever be put off approaching someone – there’s lots of information here to help.

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Gain the skills to save a life in 20 minutes

From taking part in an online, interactive awareness session from the Zero Suicide Alliance, you can make a difference. Find out how.

Myths and facts about suicide

There are many myths about suicide that stop people from just asking someone if they are ok; from ‘talking about it makes it more likely to happen’ to how suicide occurs because of a single event. Find out about myths.

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Mature man helps younger man verbalize problems in therapy

Notice and talk to them

How to notice someone who might be struggling and what to what to say to them – because not everyone lets family and friends know what they are feeling. 

We can all do something, what small thing can you do?

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What to do in an emergency

Get the training to help save a life